Fiddle and electric guitar deliver stellar performances over an emotive rhythm section. The lead vocal is engaging and charged, offering an endearing quality which permeates the music. ” - Patrick Joseph & Staff

Please Pass the Indie

You can see the appeal of the band in Lisa’s vocals, combined with the melodic guitar playing by Dale...” - Melissa Clarke

Americana Highways Magazine

Every song on the new release rings true and tells a great story. Saylor Dollar has the musical ability and the great writing to back it up and make the music stand the test of time.” -

Indie Strong

Their songs are impressive and feature powerful vocals, top notch musicianship and professional production. With so much of today's music being created by computers, it's so refreshing to hear song written and performed by people with true talent.” - Matt Chase

Song Might

My favorite song is "Pandora's Box". It's beautifully sung over a warm, crystal clear acoustic guitar arrangement. The lyrics "He made me feel, where I once was numb, now I feel it all, I'm completely, completely overcome" delivered by Lisa Saylor Dollar's gorgeous voice brought a chill to my spine. Saylor Dollar are true artists in every sense of the word. ” - Matt Chase

Song Might