Saylor Dollar, the distinctive band from Tallahassee, Florida, has an eclectic sound that defies the constraints of genre. Inspired by a broad spectrum of tunings and musical influences, their style may be best characterized as Americana with hints of blues, rock, and country. The band:  Dale Dollar (guitarist/composer/lyricist), Lisa Saylor Dollar (vocalist/fiddler/keyboardist/composer/lyricist), David Marsh (Percussionist), and David Schrenk (Bassist/Music Theorist).  Members of Saylor Dollar are life-long musicians with years of professional experience running the gamut from symphony orchestras to death metal.  Their collaboration with each other began in 2018.  Together, they have established a growing fan base with thousands of followers and monthly listeners.  Dale and Lisa have released two Saylor Dollar acoustic albums, and the full band’s debut album, “Relentless”, is now available on all streaming platforms.